The Subscriber's Features of

There are such an incredible wealth of features on the AstroApp website.

The functions fall into the following categories:

1. Charts: Natal, Horary, Mayan, Vedic, Electional, Synastry, Medical, Gauquelin, Harmonic, Golden Section, Draconic, Antisia and Contra-Antiscia, Huber, and Persona charts.

You can also customize charts, changing the style of chart, and adding a graphic background.

2. Tables: AstroApp offers a wealth of tables for Traditional (Hellenistic and Medieval) astrologers including:

Essential & Accidental Dignities, Monomoria, Novenaria, Duodecima, House Almutens, Aspects perfection, Sect, Lord of Geniture, Temperament, Mutual Receptions, Dispositor chains, and 80 Arabic Parts/Greek Lots.

The website also offers tables of: Lunar Mansions, Lunar Days, Nodes and Apsides, Planetary Hours, Whole Sign aspects, positions according to many house systems, Parans, Heliacal Events & Phenomena, Midpoints, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, 985 Fixed Stars, and over 20,000 asteroids.

3. Forecast Tools: Transit biwheels, ingresses, and hit lists; Progressions, Solar, Lunar and Planetary Returns, and Event Searches (e.g. when will Jupiter square Saturn).

Additional Traditional Forecast functions include: Firdaria, Profections, Distributions, 10 methods of Primary Directions, Planetary Ages, Quarters of the Moon, and Zodiacal Releasing.

You can also view two types of ephemeride.

4. Chart importing and Exporting. AstroApp wouldn't be nearly as useful if you couldn't import charts from your current astrology programs into AstroApp. Fortunately, with my help, the author of the website has added a Quick*Chart format import function.

Almost every major program (the exception is Kepler) allows you to export charts to the Quick*Chart format, which you can then import into AstroApp and use for all of your work.

You can also export your charts to the same Quick*Chart format, as well as to CSV (comma delimited), XLS (Excel), OOXML (Excel), and XML formats.

One feature that helps you find specific charts among the files you've imported is the program's Chart Search function, which allows you to search chart files for a person's name, or by up to three different planets in specific signs.

5. Customization. You can select which aspects to employ and what orb to use for each, the planets to show in each wheel, whether to use orbs or moieties, show when planets are stationary, whether to employ the True or Mean Node, what Traditional methods to use in calculations, and the default style of chart wheel.

Remember that you can access your AstroApp functions from any computer, laptop, tablet, pad, or phone that has an internet connection, which is a wonderful boon.

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