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While those subscribing (i.e. with paid subscriptions) to AstroApp get a huge number of astrological features and functions, the author of the website was kind enough to provide the following free features:

1. Natal Charts. The website can calculate natal chart wheels of several styles, for many house systems including:

Placidus, Koch, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Alcabitius, Meridian (axis rotation), Horizontal (azimuthal), Topocentric, Equal houses (from the ASC, Vehlow equal, and from planets and the node), Morinus, Solar Declination, Krusinski, Octopos, and Whole Sign.

You can calculate Tropical or Sidereal charts, as well as Heliocentric and Topocentric charts.

You can also print out and email chart wheels.

(The website has coordinates for over 3 million locations)

2. Tables. You can also view or print or email aspect tables, and tables of essential dignities, profections, and ingresses into signs, houses, terms or bounds.

3. Astromaps. The author is working on adding astromaps to the free section of this website, too.

Over time, more features will be added to the free section of this website.

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